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I am currently undecided about this photo. I like the black and white on the photo it gives this picture a lot of character especially in the shadow areas. Had this been kept in color I don't think the same feeling or quality would exist . There is quite a bit to look at with the model. I like her earrings...there pretty. Her gaze has me wondering a couple of things. What is she looking at, and what is she thinking? I see and feel a little mystery with this picture. If you were trying to convey these feelings then it was accurately done. The shrubbery on the side is tasteful and I feel it balances the overall photo but the shrubbery on the bottom feels a bit out of place for me especially do to the fact that a bit too much of it is in focus. I should experienced with setting in terms of aperture to see what you would get. Mind you my last blurb runs heavy on the 'preference' side. But over all I like the feeling because the emotion it captures.
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